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Entry #9

Day 2 of 2 weeks break

2010-02-14 03:25:28 by shippo13

First off, I went down TWO black diamonds today without falling (or snow plowing) ^^ Im so proud of myself ^^^^^ I getting really fast too *high five for me*
I have been boarding since I was 12 but Im slow at progressing so doing those black diamonds really made me feel good =)

ACHIEVEMENT: Completing Black Diamonds Without Face Planting Or Taking Out Tinny Children ;)

In my early boarding years I wipped out pretty hard and ended getting two hair-line fracture in my spine. It only hurts from time to time but It still makes me uber careful when boarding 0.0 I also ended up boarding with an offical champian moggle skiier for Canada (or something along that title), turns out he knows my parents through work ^^
small world.

Speaking of moggles, Canada got silver in the womens free skiing moggle compititions. America got Gold and Bronze.... PSHT! Good job tho guys ^^

So I guess It is Valintines day =) Single Awarness Day as I call it ^^ Since my love is half way around the world it will be just another day for me *sigh* No chocolates, no floweres, no morning... shananigans -.- Depressing. Oh well, I have my board and some friends, that will be good enough.

Here is an updated pic of the last. Like I said, slow at progressing :3


Day 2 of 2 weeks break


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2010-02-14 03:41:52

Well, at least it's getting there!


2010-02-21 01:22:37

Congrats on not faceplanting! Also you work faster than I do at making art... or probably anything else... I'm actually supposed to be working on a research paper right now but meh... still recovering from being hit by lightning while on top of an erupting volcano...


2010-06-24 00:02:21

sho tits