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Day 2 of 2 weeks break

2010-02-14 03:25:28 by shippo13

First off, I went down TWO black diamonds today without falling (or snow plowing) ^^ Im so proud of myself ^^^^^ I getting really fast too *high five for me*
I have been boarding since I was 12 but Im slow at progressing so doing those black diamonds really made me feel good =)

ACHIEVEMENT: Completing Black Diamonds Without Face Planting Or Taking Out Tinny Children ;)

In my early boarding years I wipped out pretty hard and ended getting two hair-line fracture in my spine. It only hurts from time to time but It still makes me uber careful when boarding 0.0 I also ended up boarding with an offical champian moggle skiier for Canada (or something along that title), turns out he knows my parents through work ^^
small world.

Speaking of moggles, Canada got silver in the womens free skiing moggle compititions. America got Gold and Bronze.... PSHT! Good job tho guys ^^

So I guess It is Valintines day =) Single Awarness Day as I call it ^^ Since my love is half way around the world it will be just another day for me *sigh* No chocolates, no floweres, no morning... shananigans -.- Depressing. Oh well, I have my board and some friends, that will be good enough.

Here is an updated pic of the last. Like I said, slow at progressing :3


Day 2 of 2 weeks break


2010-01-28 00:52:46 by shippo13

Sooo, sad to say but I have no new pic to post. However, I shall post an incomplete one!

Right now I'm working on a painting for my friend and between school, school, and more school I'm finding it hard enough to complete the painting let alone finish my tablet work. Once I have completed this masterpiece (sometimes in Feb) I will take a picture so you can all see =)

Aaaah, school. Anyone good at Macroeconomics? Im in my second year of my Agroecology degree and I'm just not understanding the Econ >.>""" In first semster I was ass rapped by Organic Chemistry and now my confidence with test taking is a little shot.

Olympics. The big O. Anyone else live in Vancouver? Going to any of the events? I am not looking forward it. It is creating too many problems for so many people *sigh* I can't even get up my fav mountain without having to take a bus up and have a security check blah blah blah. Maybe some good will come from it?

Recently I have started visiting/ posting in the forms (usually I'm just here to watch the flash) and I must say you guys are all awesome. Creative, funny, spaztastic, and tho perverted at times everyone here is Grrrrrreat ;)




Entry for Ad Contest

2009-08-26 19:33:26 by shippo13

So this is my entry for the Ad contest that ends Aug 31st. Sadly, I lost my tablet *sigh* and had to draw this with my touch pad on my laptop. The original in my sketch is much better, but hey, what can you do~

(still looking for that damn tablet >o<)

Ad Contest

Entry for Ad Contest


2009-03-19 22:59:22 by shippo13

Now that my midterms are over I have time to unwind and do some chilling =D YAAAAaaaaaaay
Time to celebrate ;)

Enjoy the rest of your week NGers!
love ya,

Lexa ~<3


Physics Lab Fun

2009-03-05 01:27:50 by shippo13

My physics lab this week was more then the norm boring and me and my buddy, Ashley, got to talking about back in the day when we were little kids in elementry school. We were talking about the day I met her father and how scared I was of him when i first saw him. She just laughed and said, "how could you think my dad is scary?" The only way I could explain it to her was by drawing how I saw him.... and thats how this picture came into existance.


Physics Lab Fun


2009-02-13 20:30:53 by shippo13

Picture I drew because I was bored



Ho Ho Ho NG,

Well it's the night before christmas and I'm so excited that I drew this. I named her Danna, isn't she just the cuttist thing ^^

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and thank you to everyone who made christmas flashes! They were all so awesome!!!


MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays Everyone

Nothing Special

2008-12-24 15:05:54 by shippo13

SO, this is Ralf. He's been idea of mine for awhile now.

I made this version of him using Gimp and my touch pad on my laptop (so its not that great -.-)
I think he has potential =)

Hope you like him ^^

..... damn touch pad.....

Nothing Special

So Much Talent....

2008-12-20 13:37:28 by shippo13

I've been a member on NG for awhile now and I figured it was time to post SOMETHING. So instead of posting a bunch of blabble I just want to say how amazing and talented some people are on this site.
Keep it up people!
At the moment I'm working on buying a tablet so hopefuly soon I can start to show you my stuff ;) If anyone out there as has any tips for what tablet to buy It would be helpful.